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I have created this site to show what can be achieved with camera & film from the heart of a light-polluted city in good 'ole cloudy England! In this case the city is Oxford - home of the 'Dreaming Spires.'

Please click on the thumbnail to see a larger sized image of the Deep Sky object. The images have been kept to a modest size in the hope that they will download quicker (the smaller size also serves to show up less "gaffs" in the image than would otherwise be noticeable!!). There is also a brief description of each object, its visual appearance through my telescope as seen from the city and details of the equipment used to take the photo.

In my view, the images look better on the monitor when viewed in a darkened room at night (however I may just be weird!).

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iMAGES - click on thumbnail for larger view
Andromeda Andromeda Galaxy

Butterfly Butterfly Nebula

Crab Crab Nebula

Dumbell Dumbell Nebula

Eagle Eagle Nebula

Flame Flame Nebula

M13 Great Globular M13

Hale Bopp Hale Bopp

Horsehead Horsehead & Flame

Horsehead Horsehead Nebula

N. American North American & Pelican Nebulae

Orion Orion Nebula

Ring Ring Nebula

Rosette Rosette Nebula

The Pleiades The Pleiades

Swan Swan Nebula

Veil Veil Nebula

Whirlpool Whirlpool Galaxy

Guest Astrophotographer Section!
R J Grasser Images by R J Grasser
Tom Godfrey Sketches by Tom Godfrey
Ron Berard Nightscapes by Ron Berard
Dan Linford Space Art by Dan Linford

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